How to set AdSense only for visits from search engines.

Adsense unnoticed.

Since Como Hacer has implemented this new functionality, I take this opportunity to show you all how to do it in a very simple and really effective way. I think that all of us who have a blog or website, we have to think about our recurring visitors and their comfort of usability of our own blog or website, so I encourage you to implement it for these simple reasons:

We will keep our best users happyRemember that good users are the ones who will give us publicity at any given time, as they somehow feel identified with our site, and they will make us grow with them. The publicity I am referring to can be in the form of posts on their blogs, emails to their relatives or recommendations on twitter, etc. This, in my opinion, is the most important reason to implement this function.

We will improve the appearance of our blog considerablyYou can't deny that a blog without advertising is better seen than one full of banners and little buttons almost unnecessary for the recurrent user. Keep in mind also, that our regular users are somehow already blinded with our advertising, and it goes unnoticed for them, so it does not generate anything new or beneficial for them and for us either.

It will improve our eCPMThe less impressions on unnecessary pages, the higher it will be, and the better results it will generate. Let me explain it a little better, we all know that the higher the impressions on our pages where we have the ads, with respect to the clicks on them, the more we will generate better results. eCPM If we now think about the blindness I was talking about earlier, our recurring users are wasted impressions, i.e. our loyal followers, and they are unintentionally lowering our revenue.

We won't see the ads eitherNormally, every blog administrator does not enter their own site through a search engine, but through some installed application (in my case WordPress Helper, in Firefox), and that will also relieve us of the fatigue of our own ads, so that when we have to optimise or change them, we will be much more impartial about it. At this point, it would also come into play that if we don't see our ads ourselves, we will avoid being penalised by Google for any illegal click made unintentionally, or not...

After this little introduction, I will give you the code that you will have to use for this purpose, it is divided in two parts, this one:

<?php if (preg_match('/q=|search/', $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) ) { ?>

which you will have to put just before the ad code, and this one:

<?php } ?>

which comes right after.

I hope it works for you, as an example you can use this blog, try doing a search for "How To", and then typing the URL of the blog in the address bar of your browser. By the way, if you know of any other reason why we should set AdSense only for visits from search enginesYou can leave it in the comments, greetings!!!!.

21 thoughts on “Como poner AdSense solo para visitas desde buscadores.”

  1. I am not sure if it is a good idea to apply what you say to the regular user... the content is what matters, I think, mine is about Cadastre. In any case it is a good advice and help. Thank you.

  2. Hello Alberto

    I'm new but I must tell you that I really like your posts.

    From the experience I have with Internet Marketing, Adsense is not the best way to make a living, because their payment conditions are every three months, if you reach $50 you get paid if not you have to wait for the next quarter if you have achieved it you get paid the first quarter and so on.

    The CPM is a system that has been used for many years in the advertising of newspapers, magazines printed on paper, now it is applied on the Internet but it is not really helpful to earn money because you must have many subscribed users on your blog or website, to really come out to account.

    This is a very good link to the links that make money and pay out on a regular basis. it's English but it doesn't matter, problogger and many others have it for a reason.


    1. Alberto Navarro

      Hello Josep,

      I am sorry to contradict you in some aspects regarding AdSense, as they pay reasonably well and payments are made monthly up to 70€. But apart from this point, I thank you for your comment and thank you also for the links site that I will not hesitate to try it.


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