How to straighten or curl your hair

Well, with this article you can learn how to alisarte hair either with a flat iron or with a dryer and you will also be able to combine it with curly or simply if you have straight or wavy hair, you can make wonderful ringlets.

The tools required for straightening the hair are a plancha (preferably ceramic as it is less damaging to the hair) or hairdryer and to curl the hair a few tongscan also be complemented with a spray with water to moisten the hair and various combs to make it more comfortable.

Straightening with an iron

To straighten your hair, the first thing you should do is to separate it into layers (if you don't have layered hair, part it at the temples). It is advisable that the hair is dry and just dampen it a little with the spray. before ironing.

When it is hot, you should be taking tressesfirst from the bottom layer and go to from root to tip slowly but without burning the lock. If a few curls remain when you finish straightening, repeat the procedure.

Then you should continue in this way strand by strand until the bottom layer is completely smoothed. When you have done this, very carefully loosen strands from the top layer and straighten them slowly and without haste, remembering to dampen them for best results.

Finally, when it is completely straight, it is best to comb it several times to untangle it, and style it as you like.

Recommendation: If you have fringes, it is best to leave them for the end and it is not advisable to have very wet hair, otherwise it will frizz up..

Straightening her hair.

Straightening with hairdryer

The process is analogous to the one described above, except that it only needs to be done by with wet or damp hair. You have to separate it into layers and go lock by lock but instead of holding the lock in your hand, you collect with a thermal round brush (it resembles a roller), and with the hairdryer glued to the hair, it should be extended as before, while pulling the brush downwards, it will be completely combed instantly.

Proceed as before, strand by strand, layer by layer and so on until the fringe is finished if you have one.

Something quite interesting to note is that if you want the ends inwards or outwards, simply shape them with the brush, making a twist at the end towards the neck (ends inwards) or vice versa.

Recommendation: The hairdryer should be pointed towards the neck and never upwards, otherwise it will frizz..

Straightening with hairdryer.


Well, to curl your hair you simply take the lock of hair you want to curl and roll it on the tongs (previously moistened with the spray if desired). Let it warm up for a while and finally release it, leaving a nice curl.

If we want a curl similar to a ringlet The roll should be wound in such a way that there are no gaps between each turn, and if, on the contrary, we want to roll it in such a way that there are no gaps between each turn. open loopIf the spiral formed in the curling tongs has large spaces, we must proceed by leaving large spaces in the spiral.

Doing curls.

In conclusion, these techniques can be used for day-to-day hairstyling although it can be a laborious job but they can also be combined to give rise to fantastic hairstyles.

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