How to talk for free on the Internet

The Internet is one of the most widespread means of communication on the planet. Its simple transmission makes it the ideal service for communicating in a matter of seconds between distant places. Today we will explain how you can use the Internet to make phone calls easily and free of charge..

How to talk for free on the Internet

Calls over the Internet are called VOIP calls. They differ from traditional calls because to make them we need a voice server and a device that sends the data over the Internet. Nowadays VOIP calls have spread and most routers have a built-in connection that allows you to connect a VOIP phone..

If we prefer to dispense with a telephone and make calls over the Internet from our computer, we can choose to use programmes such as Skype o Teamspeak.

If we choose to make calls using the programme Skype we must download this software. To start talking for free we just need to create an account and add our friends as if it were an instant messaging programme. Skype is also available for mobile phones, so we can make free calls if we have a flat rate.

Teamspeak is a bit more complicated to set up as it is necessary to create a server to which all users will connect to talk. However, this is usually not a problem as Teamspeak is normally used on game servers where everything is already set up. To connect to the server, all we need is this software. Once downloaded, create your account and enter the server you want to connect to.

Something that is often very useful when using VOIP services, especially if you have a telephone, is the creation of a local number so that our acquaintances can call us. These numbers are usually offered by the same VOIP software company where for a small monthly fee they link a phone number to your account. An example of this is Skype.

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