How to speed up your WordPress blog.

How to speed up your WordPress blog. 1

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From WordPress Help, a very good compilation of tags that we can remove for speed up our WordPress blog and avoid unnecessary loads. To avoid problems, remove them one by one and check that your blog loads correctly.

1- is located in header.php.

2- is located in header.php.

3- is located in header.php.

4- is found in several places in the theme.

5- <meta name="generator" content="WordPress " /> is located in header.php. If you use another statistics system, such as Google Analytics, you don't need to worry, and if your version of WordPress is not up to date you certainly don't want hackers to know about it.

6- is located in header.php.

7- is located in header.php, sidebar.php y footer.php. Be careful if you switch to Feedburner after changing this. What you need to do is replace this call with the URL of your RSS feed.

8- is located in header.php.

9- is found in several places in the theme.

10- is found in several places in the theme. It is the description of your blog. Set it manually.

11- is located in sidebar.php and footer.php.

12- <!- queries. seconds. -> is located in footer.php. This HTML comment is rarely used, although it is useful.

13- If you use widgets, you can also delete the code from the file. sidebar.php between the lines <?php /* Widgetized sidebar, if you have the plugin installed. */
if ( !function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') || !dynamic_sidebar() ) : ?>


What is between these 2 lines is only used when widgets are not active.. If you know you will continue to use widgets all that code is superfluous.

With this we will have a very fast loading of our blog, first of all, be very careful with what you touch, if you do not want to have unpleasantness, stick to the labels named and of one at a time.

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  1. i am new to blogging i would like to learn and have a blog that can have another entry. i am retired and i like the internet a lot now that i have more time i would like to learn .i am 54 years old and i like new technology.i made a blog in wordpress but i would like to know how many blog one can make in wordpress.i see that your style is new i don't know much about this but i learn fast i would appreciate if you help me to know more about the web. i have read some books about the web but i lack a lot.i would appreciate it gracis carlos from puerto rico.aattc

    1. Alberto Navarro

      Well, my main recommendation is that you go through the "Special to make a blog in Wordpress" that we did in this blog, from there you will get more confidence with the medium and it will cost you less to learn, I tell you because I started like you.


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