How to replace the broken screen of your iPhone 4


It is well known by now that iPhones are not particularly known for the hardness of their screens, that's why today we are going to talk about it. let's see how to replace the broken screen of an iPhone 4The process is explained step by step and in detail so that there is no doubt about the process.

First of all and before we start, we have to be clear that even if the screen of your iPhone is still working, it must be replaced as it is impossible to detach the screen (or LCD) from the glass (or digitizer), therefore we must be very careful what we buy.If you don't want to take the risk, buy the screen that we have already tested, which includes both the screen and the glass. If you don't want to risk it, buy the screen that we have already tested, which includes both the screen and the glass.

That said, let's take a look at the materials and tools we need to change the screen of our iPhone 4:

Materials and tools

  • LCD + digitiser, the whole pack. You can buy it and make sure it's what you really need.
  • Small crosshead screwdriver.
  • Flat screwdriver.
  • Plastic spatula to separate the screen without scratching anything. It is also useful for disconnecting the internal connectors correctly.

Steps to follow to change the screen of your iPhone 4

First of all, we have to take into account that we are going to remove a multitude of small screws and small pieces that can easily get lostI recommend having a small box with many compartments ready, or, as in my case, a carton of eggs, so that you can mix up the screws and then not fit them together again.

To begin with, we will have to remove the back cover by unscrewing the two screws at the bottom, this will free the entire back of the iPhone 4 and we can start working. Once we have this, we are going to remove the battery, to do this we unscrew the battery connector and we are very careful that the battery is removed. don't miss the little piece that will be left loose. It is worth remembering the position he hadThe battery connector and the battery itself are carefully removed, as it is glued with adhesive. We remove the battery connector and the battery itself carefully, as it is glued with adhesive. It has a plastic tab that will help us in this process.

The next step is to remove the SIM card holder, so we take a paper clip or a very thin screwdriver to carry out this task. We unscrew a couple more screws and remove a protective plate to later disconnect the connector underneath. At this point we have to take into account that the flat cable is glued, so we peel it off little by little and carefully.

At the top we have another protective metal plate, this time for the screen connectors, we remove the five screws that hold it. This will give us access to the camera connector, which we disconnect and remove this component.

Warranty cap iPhone 4

Just below the tab to remove the battery there is another screw, protected with a warranty cap which we will have to remove in order to remove the screw. We now disconnect the five connectors on the top of the iPhone 4, which will reveal a special screw that needs to be removed with the flathead screwdriver.

We now go to the bottom of the phone to disconnect very carefully the Wifi antenna connector, and remove the screw that holds the main board of the iPhone. After removing the main board, remove the screw at the other end to remove the Wifi and speaker module. Almost to finish, we go back to the top to remove the vibrator motor, which is held in place by two more screws.

Now we are going to start removing the screen, to do this we remove all the screws that hold it to the iPhone frame, and then, with the help of the spatula, we gradually remove the screen from the main support.

As the screen is cracked and cracked, small crystals are going to stick to usWe will remove them very carefully, making sure that none of them are left (and that we don't cut ourselves with them, of course), as this could break the new screen when trying to press it back into place. At this point we have to be careful because we have to remove a couple of components from the old screen to place them in the new one before finishing the assembly, these two components are, the sponge which covers the earpiece hole, and the other is the frame for the camera.

We put the screen in place having take great care of the display connectors and reassemble the phone completely, and then we will have finished and it will be perfect again.

Remember that you can buy the replacement screen for your iPhone 4, so don't hesitate to shop with us as this way you will be able to you will be sure it is the right component and with the highest quality.

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More information - YouTube channel

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  1. Hey, when I finished removing all the components and turned the phone upside down to remove the screws of the broken screen, a black platique to about one cm long and with a slot came out, I don't know where it came from to be able to put it back, in the video you can't see this plastic.

    Could you help me, thank you.

    Alex from Mexico.

  2. should also show how to put everything back in place
    disassembling is always easier and replacing the more complicated.

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