How to use a door for a table.

As we all know we are in a crisis and for that very fact we have to make the most of things and double our efforts.

That's why, together with Las Manualidades, How to do teaches you to make a table from an old door.

Table door

The materials we are going to use are:

- A door.
- Four table legs.
- Sandpaper (coarse and fine).
- Brush and varnish.
- Nails and hammer.

After we have all our materials ready, let's get started:

1.- The first thing to do is to sand the door and the legs of the table, first with coarse sandpaper and then with fine sandpaper for a better result. Once they are sanded, we should wipe them with a damp cloth to remove any dust that may have been left behind.
2.- Next we are going to join the pieces together, to do this we place each wooden leg in each corner of the door and fix it with nails for better fastening.

Door leg table

3.- To finish our table we will varnish it so that our table will last and will be resistant to everything we put on it. If you wish, you can also paint it in a colour to match the living room.

Table door detail

After having followed all the steps correctly you will have realised that you have a new and original table in your living room. I hope you liked it and that you will have a lot of fun making it. your own table.

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