How to use your iPad SIM card in your iPhone

If you are a multi-millionaire and you have bought a iPhone and on top of that a iPadthis post is probably for you. Apple's tricks to its users are already known by everyone (even if they keep buying their products afterwards O_O), and in this case it is about the size of the card that iPads useThe new phones, which are smaller than normal phones and cannot be used with them.

Well, from Hack a Day I see that one Aaron Nelsen has made it possible. using the iPad card in an iPhone with a super simple method, here goes:

Mico SIM card converted to SIM card

Ta-da, then a few changes to your iPhone settings and you can forget about paying two Internet fees for the price of one. Here is also a video demonstration:

The original tutorial in English for your enjoyment ;D

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  1. I thought it was the same thing... anyway the iPad is the same as the iPhone but ugly, because it's really big, I saw it at a conference I went to and I didn't like it at all... But anyway there is something for everyone...

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