How to make use of old CDs

In many occasions our CD or DVD recordings don't come out as we expect them to, getting writing errors, stops in the recording process, etc. These discs become useless and most people throw them away, however we can make a lot of crafts with them that will give a personal touch to our home. Today we will show you some uses of your old discs.

One of the most curious things that we can find is to perform a small shelf to organise our records. To make it we need as many CDs as we want separations on the shelf and two metal bars. By drilling some holes and using several washers we can obtain the following:

CD Rack

Something that also looks quite good is to make a picture frame with old CDs. To do this, we cover one side of the disc with the image of our choice and attach a piece of cardboard to the other side to hold it in place. The result will be as follows:

Picture frames with CDs

A very common use of old discs is the bird protection of orchards, terraces, etc.. The characteristic glow of the CDs scares birds by acting as a kind of scarecrow.

Scarecrow with CDs

Finally, there are people who use old discs as coasters. If we want to give them a more personalised touch, we can also paint and decorate them.

Coasters with CDs

As you can see, there are lots of utilities for disks that are useless to us. If you go through this website you will find even more curious inventions that surely never occurred to you. Remember that you can ask any question through our forum.

5 thoughts on “Cómo aprovechar CDs viejos”

  1. Very good idea about the coasters, I have several DVD's towers that are no longer useful and these ideas are very good to use them a bit more 🙂


  2. Super xevre the idea I'm going to try to do xq I have a lot of old dvd's left over ... Good contribution....

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