How to virtualise an operating system

On many occasions we may find ourselves in the need to install a different operating system to the one we have simply for compatibility with the programmes we need. For example, we might need the Mac system to take advantage of its conveniences when editing video or audio. Today we will show you how to virtualise all types of operating systems using a programme as simple as Virtual Box.

How to virtualise an operating system

Virtual Box is a software of system emulation which allows us to use as many as we want. In its interface, several virtual computers will be added little by little in which we can install whatever we want as if it were a physical computer.

For add a new virtual computer to the application we click on the button New and access the interface dedicated to this purpose. In the first window we will have to enter the virtual computer name in question and the operating system which will contain.

Allocate ram memory

The next step will be to allocate virtual system ram. This point will depend a lot on the ram of our computer and the system we want to virtualise. For example, if we have 4 GB of ram and we want to install Windows XP, with 512 mb the virtual system will work perfectly.

The next and last tab is used to assign virtual hard disk size we want to use. This should be sufficient to install the operating system and to store the files we use.

Assign virtual hard disk

Once all this is done, we will be able to access our virtual computer. It will have all the peripherals that a physical one has (network card, mouse, keyboard,...). Your network card will appear directly connected virtually to the Internet.

Now all we have to do is install the operating system of our choice. Remember that as always you can go to our forum to solve any doubt you may have.

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  1. Hello, Can anyone tell me where I can get this program? I think it's a good thing because I have some things that only work under Win XP and I can't make them work with Vista, has anyone done it and did it work well? I look forward to your answers. Regards and thanks.

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