How to watch Digital + for free, step by step.

Surely many of us have had some time or other to deal with the pirated pay channelsAs the people from Paranoias know very well, or at least we will have seen some piracy movies, because here is a very good step by step explanation of how to watch Digital + for free.

Step 1: Be shameless.

Step 2: Find an appliance shop that has a cable TV contract.

Step 3: Find a beach chair in a nearby dumpster.

Step 4: (Optional) Do not wash for months to give it a more realistic look.

The result, apart from being very well achieved, does not cost a penny.

Watch digital + for free

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  1. Hello Alberto
    This is one of your best publications and the one that less materials are used and more over I save in water, soap and razor jajajaja very good, greetings.

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