How to fully clone a hard disk.

I present to you CloneZillaThis is a free software programme that has nothing to envy to Norton Ghost, Sysprep or Acronis True Image. This simple programme will allow us to fully clone one or several hard disks for later restorationIn many cases, this saves a lot of time in the installation of operating systems.

It is also an all-rounder, as CloneZilla is compatible with a wide range of file systems, such as ext3 for Linux, NTFS for Windows and HFS+ of Mac OS.

By the way, I saw this great programme on Carlos Leopoldo's blog.

11 thoughts on “Como clonar totalmente un disco duro.”

  1. am ola lo que quiero saber si con este programa se puede aser una copia de seguridad de todos los documentos o que programa es bueno para esto ya que con recovery manager solo m permite crear una copia .. y se m an perdido los discos y planeo aser una copia de seguridad en un disco duro externo....

  2. thank you for your time and for uploading this programme that saves your life, the tension when you lose for a BICHO....

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