How to write a book (I)

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As you might expect, we're not going to give you any magic formula for write a book. Basically because it does not exist. Writing a book is very complex, so we are going to offer you two instalments. In this article we will outline what you need to know before you start writing.

Pen and notebook.

First and foremost, the key to write a book is to bear in mind that work needs to be done. Write is not a bohemian task for which you have to wait for inspiration to come. If it comes, welcome it. But since that doesn't happen every day, take it as a job. in earnestIt's as if you had to go to the assembly line of a factory every day. Without haste, but without pause.

Let's nuance the words. It is one thing to say "I want to write a book"It's quite another to say "I'm going to write a book". We all want to do a thousand things with our lives, but what is important, what will be recorded in our life history, is what we have done, and not just said. Well, if "you are going to write a book"and if you allow us, we are going to give you some initial advice:

  • Of course, you must master spelling and grammar. It is basic. You can't work in a deli and not know how to cut cheese. Neither confusion between 'b' and 'v' nor accents, to which we often do not give the importance they should have, are valid. To "correct" our writing, the most important thing is to start by applying ourselves in all areas, even on the Internet: no more spelling mistakes in chats and in comments on forums or blogs.


  • Read a lot. It is not something that can be solved in a month by reading ten books at once. If you want to write a book it is understood that you are passionate about literature and that, therefore, you have a good literary background. If this is not the case, don't let time go by and read books related to the subject or genre you want to write about.
  • Make time and set a timetable. As I said at the beginning, take it as a serious job where you have to clock in. Set yourself a goal, not in the long term, but on a daily basis. I advise you to set yourself a minimum number of pages per day, which should not be too excessive (one Word page per day) so that it is not a burden, because any burden detracts from the quality of the writing. You should bear in mind that write a book is a huge investment of time and you should not be in a hurry. You can't write a good book in a month. But neither can you write fifty pages in ten years.
  • Seeking support. A friend, family member or partner is very important, although not essential, to carry out a project as ambitious as a quality book. They will encourage you when you need it, give you ideas and read your texts. Remember that you are very involved in the story and it never hurts to have someone "from outside" read it and give their point of view.

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6 thoughts on “Cómo escribir un libro (I)”

  1. I too have wanted to write a book for a long time. But I still don't quite understand if it has to be patented. In other words, I want it to be published by a publisher with an ISBN.

  2. There are companies that even print 1 book!
    everybody has the opportunity to write and publish their stories 😉

    1. Raquel Andres

      Yes, yes, you are right. Self-publishing allows you to take no risks and publish on demand. It's a good option to start with, really. The problem is to distribute it! :S

  3. I must admit that I am quite good at spelling, I hardly have mistakes, and if I have any doubt I consult a dictionary, I have written several research papers and I have not yet written a book, now I think I will put it into practice, thanks for the tips.

    1. Raquel Andres

      You can always write about the work you've done, so you're dealing with topics you already know.
      Best wishes, Warez!
      I'm glad you found the advice useful 🙂

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