How to write a cover letter

Nowadays getting a job is very important to get ahead and anything that can help you get a job can help. One of the things that tends to look good is showing interest in the job. One way to show interest is to write a cover letter. Today we will show you how to write a cover letter correctly to assist us in the selection process

How to write a cover letter

A letter of introduction allows us to present ourselves in the selection process and give the person reading our CV an idea of what kind of person we are and why we are interested in the job..

When writing a cover letter, we must bear in mind that is a letter like any other It should therefore be structured as an introduction, body and conclusion. It should also include a farewell and our signature at the end.

The content of each section shall be as follows:

Presentationwill be the first section of the letter. It will include a general presentation of our person (name, age, hobbies, studies, etc.). Two or three lines will be enough to introduce yourself properly and not be heavy.

BodyThis will be the main part of the letter which will include our impressions of the job, why we are interested in it and why they should choose us (special qualities). In this section you should be honest and clear so that our true intentions can be seen.

ConclusionThis part will be used to finalise the letter and to include any interesting information that was not already there.

One thing we must never forget is that a cover letter is not a CV and should not be overloaded with information such as experience or studies.. A cover letter is much more interested in who we are and why we want the job than in our education and skills that match the CV.

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