How to analyse the growth of a website

How to analyse the growth of a website 1

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The Internet today is a very important medium both in society and in any type of company that wishes to grow and expand. This great importance makes it almost essential monitor the growth of our website to see if we are successfully reaching users on the web.

How to analyse the growth of a website

Performing an analysis of our website is a very simple task if we use the following tools Google Analyticsa fantastic and complete tool offered by the famous Google company and that shows us daily updated statistics. Integrating this tool in our website is also very simple, we only have to integrate a code (in the index of the website) that Google will offer us after filling in a form.

Once the code is entered the Google tool will analyse our site and start displaying statistics. Google Analytics will show us thousands of data, however, for a basic analysis we can stick to the Main Dashboard..

How to analyse the growth of a website 2

The image above shows all the important sections of the Main Panel. Here we explain the meaning of each piece of information:

Graph of visitsIt represents the number of visits that users make to our website. If we compare it with the Visits Information graph we can know if the users make several visits to the website or not.

Use of the site: Shows the total data of visits, unique users, etc. It is a kind of summary of the rest of the tables.

Visitor informationRepresents the number of unique users who visited our website without counting the visits they made.

Visits by locationShows the location of our visitors. With this section we can get an idea of who our content should be aimed at.

Sources of trafficIndicates the web from where our users come from. At this point the most important data and that should grow is the Search Engines as they are global and reach many more people.

Content overviewIndicates the most visited pages, allowing us to advertise the content that people like the most.

In addition to these statistics we can access many more if we click on each piece of information.

As always, remember that you can go to our forum to ask any questions you may have.

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