How wind energy works

A few weeks ago we talked about how electricity is generated from solar energy. A system that is also widely used to generate electricity in an environmentally friendly way is the use of wind turbines. In today's article we will explain how these devices work.

How wind energy works

A wind turbine consists of a propeller attached to a magnetic rotor. Electricity is generated by the magnetic field created in the rotor by the movement of the magnet inside the rotor.. The more the propeller moves, the faster the magnetic field of the rotor will change and the more electricity will be created by induction.

The aerodynamics of the blades and the position of the propeller in relation to the direction of the air are very important for the highest efficiency of the wind turbine. For this reason, some generators rotate automatically in order to be in the best position with respect to the air.

Below you will find a video in which the operation of a wind turbine is explained in detail.

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