Boost the wifi signal with reflectors on the router.

Reflectors for wifi router

Long-time followers of this blog will know that this is not the first time I've published something about wifi antennas (it's something that fascinates me), as examples you have, the special to make a wifi antenna, increase the signal of your wifi antenna and 10 tips for your wifi connection. This time, and from the hand of Punto Geek, I bring you a video manual (it's in English but you can understand it very well) to include some reflectors to the wifi antennas. antennas of our router and thus further increase the wifi signal that it offers us. Here you have the staff and here is the video:

Come to think of it, with all the things we have for increase our wifi signalWho is complaining about a bad signal anymore?

12 thoughts on “Aumentar la señal del wifi con reflectores en el router.”

  1. I thought it was a myth but I did the respective test and it improved my signal considerably!

  2. i have a laptop that has a built-in wireless card, what i want is to know if i can build an antenna that serves as a signal repeater, i.e. that serves to increase the signal that reaches my wifi without being connected and without using a usb wireless adapter. or if i can also make an antenna that receives signal by connecting it to another one that sends the signal. i would appreciate your help.

  3. Wait a minute! I think you have not understood well, or I do not have the necessary knowledge to do what you say... I have a LapTop and I want to "borrow" the internet from my neighbour, he has a Thomson router... I don't know how to do it...?

    Please write to me, thank you!

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