Know the name of a source you don't know.

Has it ever happened to you that you are going to start a new project and you see a great source you can't remember the name of, well, forget about it happening again, because with WhatTheFont! you will find out in a very simple and quick way, what you need to know about typography you are talking about.

The way WTF works is very simple, when you enter the main page, you are presented with a simple form that asks you for a picture as clear as possible of the source in question. We upload it, the programme searches its database, and voilà, if we are lucky enough to find it, we will be able to source is not too haggardwe will get the name of our long-awaited typography no problems.

In the programme itself they warn us about a few things that we have to take into account when choosing an image so that the result is optimal, I leave you the image and the translation:


1.- Use characters that have a distinctive shape.

2.- As far as possible, the height of the letters should be about 100 pixels.

3.- Make sure that the letters do not touch.

4.- The text should be as horizontal as possible.

From now on you won't have any problems finding a good sourceIf you are looking for a font that you like, you go around the internet, look for a font that you like in the banners of some websites, and then you can get it without any problems.

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