Learn how to repair your old Nintendo NES console with this video


Another new video from our YouTube quarryIn this case and following on from the article we wrote the other day about disassembling a Nintendo NES, we talked about how to repair the flicker errors commonly encountered with the Nintendo NES.

Materials and tools

Normal alcohol for curing.

Thick paper napkins.

Small flat-blade screwdriver.

Thread cutter or cutter.

With the board now completely disassembled, we have to look for the chip called "U10 CIC". which is located at the bottom of the board, the one that is closest to the power supply. In this chip we will have to cut pin 4The top and the bottom of the game, both from the top and from the bottom, all this to unlock the region protection that prevented the use of American or Japanese games and caused flickering with some games.

On the other hand, these Nintendo NES flicker errors also caused by dirt that may be concentrated all over the console, especially on the bus pins and on the pins of the games themselves, which cause a bad contact. To fix this, we will need rubbing alcohol, thick paper napkins so that they don't break easily and a small flat-bladed screwdriver.

With the napkin soaked in alcohol, we will rub the pins of the board and the bus, as well as the pins of the games that give us the most problems. At this point I have to say that the typical trick of blowing the pins of the games is counterproductive in the long runNormally it is effective because we expel mist when blowing, and this moistens the tracks that at that moment make better contact, but with time and that water in the contacts, it will make the tracks wetter. gradually rust away and be a definite problem in the long term.

If, after having done this, we do not see any improvement, it may be that the internal bus pins are already heavily yielded and it is impossible for them to make good contact with the game pins, so we recommend that you buy a new bus and replace it.

As a bonus, we can also clean the controls of our Nintendo NESIt is very simple, just use the napkin soaked in alcohol to clean the pads of the buttons on the board and the back of the button rubbers, which are metallic, and this is what makes the contact when they are pressed.

If you do not see yourself as capable of carrying out the repairing your Nintendo NESIf you want, it is best that you leave it in the hands of professionals. If you want you can contact us to give you an estimate or find someone to give it to you.

More information - How to disassemble a Nintendo NES, ComoHacer.eu YouTube channel

4 thoughts on “Aprende a reparar tu vieja consola Nintendo NES con este video”

  1. Marcelo Lucero

    Hello, I need your help
    My NES has the problem of the power LED blinking. I cleaned all the contacts and pins where the connection for the games goes and the fault persisted; then I completely disconnected pin 4 of the integrated U10, from which I managed to remove the flickering of the power light, but now when I turn on the console or when I play a game the only thing I see on the TV is a green screen background.
    I would be grateful if you could give me a solution

  2. Hello my nes blinks and also you are playing and suddenly it is and you can no longer play continues to blink and then this worked when we enter does not last long before it freezes. Where are you located and how much would it cost to repair it?

    1. Alberto Navarro

      Good Adriana, we don't do repairs, but as mentioned in the article it is almost certainly a matter of cleaning the inside of the console or the cartridges.


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