Make a filter holder for any camera

You are not one of those who have money or simply don't want to buy a reflex camera, well, don't worry because with this hack you will have enough money to buy one. make you a filter holder for your compact camera.

Make camera filter

The trick in question is all on this page which is nothing more than a filter calculator that with three parameters (filter diameter, base diameter and maximum extension of the lens) returns an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) code that we will have to paste in Inkscape to obtain the design of our filter holder.

Dimensions of a camera filter holder

The only thing left is to transpose it into something physical, that is to say, to build it, which will be by cutting out the shaded part of our resulting template and sticking it with black adhesive tape, after which we place our filter on it and we will have it finished.

1 thought on “Hacer un soporte de filtro para cualquier cámara”

  1. Hello! it kills me a big doubt, I do not have the slightest idea of the measurement of the mm of my camera, in addition that what I have tried I do not know how to place it in the program that of graph that you placed, S.O.S please, it looks super well and more for me, that I do not have a penny for these buying filters. thanks.

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