Make a laptop charger for the car.

Car charger

As a laptop owner, I often find it a pain to take it out because of the battery issue, what if it runs out half way, what if you forgot to charge it at home, etc... . By chance I find a video for make a laptop charger to plug into the cigarette lighter socket of the careasy to make and very useful, I leave the video for you to see for yourselves:

Honestly, as soon as I have a space and finish my wind turbine, I will make one without hesitation. By the way, apart from the video, you can watch it at this link much more information on the invention.

4 thoughts on “Hacer cargador de portatil para el coche.”

  1. The bad girl

    I come from the 20 minutes link and I've flipped out with this blog! But here you can learn how to hack a wii, peel a plug or do a photoshop tutorial!!!!
    A very interesting and practical blog.

    If I can put a downside to it, it is the colour of the font when writing this comment on a dark background. Fortunately I'm a typist and I hardly need to read what I'm writing and nature has endowed me with a 120% vision with both eyes and I think I even have some night vision because otherwise it would be a bit difficult to finish my comment ;D (just kidding, but look at it hehehehe).

    Well, that's it, the blog is very good, I also like the design and that everything is quite clear.


    1. Alberto Navarro

      Thank you very much!!!, comments like yours are the ones that encourage us to keep going. I'll take a look at the comments and see what happens.


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