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The wonders of the Arduino and its great versatility as a tool. Its definition by its creators and the official definition:

Arduino is an open electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use software and hardware. It was created for artists, designers, hobbyists and anyone interested in creating interactive environments or objects.

We know that Arduino is open-hardware, that is to say, that its plans and components are open and free so that anyone can make it. As a good example of this we have this kid, Jad Berro, who has made his own and shows us some images of it:

Homemade Arduino

Homemade Arduino board

It took him about 20 hours of work and 30$ out of his pocket, nothing comparable to the satisfaction of seeing the job done.

If you want to be like Jad and create your own Arduinohere you will find everything you need for the mounting of the plate and here all the software, source code, etc..., but if you don't want to complicate it, we have it in our shop at the best price.

Arduino UNO

9 thoughts on “Hazte tu propio Arduino”

  1. hola amigo gracias por el aporte ya hice mi arduino y logrre programar para la prueba con led y esta al pelo no estoy muy claro como se meten los fulanos codigos y quiero hacer una bateria electronica (musica) si tienes una copia de los codigos para este tipo de uso te agradesco nuevamente gracias

  2. hello friend ARDUINO you can use it to open doors, control lights, control sounds, energy, water, pumps, etc etc etc etc, for whatever your imagination wants and needs it is only a matter of searching.

  3. I'm tired of looking for a definition of arduino that is easy to understand and I can't find one. thanks!

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