Make your own VGA to VGA cable to connect an extra monitor.


Following in the footsteps of the videos published in our new YouTube channelwe bring you a video to learn how to make your own VGA to VGA cable to connect an extra monitor or projector. It may seem a simple task at first, as it is most common to buy it ready-made, but if we want to bridge larger distances, the task gets a bit more complicated.

Materials and tools

2 detachable male VGA connectors. (Buy it on Amazon)

5-wire shielded cable (earthed).

Soldering iron and tin. (Buy it on Amazon)

Wire stripper, cutter or wire cutters. (Buy it on Amazon)

With all the materials and tools ready, we will put the schematic in front of us (you can see it in the video) to start soldering the wires to their corresponding pins. It is recommended that first of all we solder the wires to the pins. all dough pins The connector itself so that we can get rid of the most cumbersome part and then be clear about which pins are the colours and synchronisation and thus make the task of soldering the wires easier.

Always looking at the scheme from the right angle To avoid making a mess, we will first solder the coloured wires, which, looking at the diagram, are at the top. Then we will solder the vertical and horizontal synchronisation wires and finally the ground to the connector chassis. We will repeat the process with the other end of the cable and we will assemble the connector to leave our cable ready.

It is likely that, like me, you will notice that the image is a bit cloudy, don't worry, is totally normal if we are using a long VGA cable as there will be losses and it will not give the same quality as a short cable. In the case of projectors this will not be as noticeable due to the inch size of the image, but the quality we will enjoy will be more than sufficient for any kind of normal use.

If you prefer to spend the money for more security, you can always look on eBay to see if you can find a cable that meets your needs.

More information - YouTube channel

8 thoughts on “Haz tu propio cable VGA a VGA para conectar un monitor extra”

    1. Alberto Navarro

      Hi Jarol, the case you are talking about is more complicated (I think there is nothing homemade), but there are some HDMI to VGA converters that you can buy.

      This weekend we are preparing the description of ours that you will soon see in our shop.


  1. uhh! that good tuto... I just have a 42″ led tv and I want to connect the pc to make a home htpc... we'll see how this works out haha, thanks! 

  2. Gmarionamendez

    Sorry, I meant to say: is it possible to make it two outlets or is it a single outlet and this is a single outlet:

    a single output is called the extra monitor to do the same as the main monitor and a dual output is called the two monitors can work independently although it would require a dual video card. 

    1. Alberto Navarro

      You are mixing concepts, the fact that the extra monitor shows the same as the main monitor does not depend on the cable, but on the OS configuration. If we go to cables with one end for the PC and several for different monitors, I don't know if it would work, logically if it did it would be to repeat what came out of the PC as there would be no way to change what goes to each one.

      On occasion I have seen signal distributors that distribute the signal to different outputs so that it shows the same thing on different monitors, but I saw this with HDMI. (This is used a lot in appliance shops for TVs).

      Greetings, I hope I have answered your questions.

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