A handmade knife, learn how to make it yourself

Finished handmade knife

Man has always been passionate about swords and knives for centuries, which is why in the ComoHacer.eu we want to transfer that time to the present, following the steps we are going to show you, you will be able to create your own handmade knifeWhether as a gift for a friend or for hunting or fishing...

Materials and tools

  • Crossbow or steel plate (of the thickness you want the knife to be).
  • Grinder or radial grinder, with steel cutting disc. (Buy it on eBay)
  • Sanding disc or belt sander. (Buy it on eBay)
  • Drill with metal drill bit. (Buy it on eBay)
  •  A deer antler or hard plastic.
  • Rivets or blind rivet screws.

Designing the craft knife on a template

For this one can use one's imagination, there are thousands of types of handmade knivesWe are going to focus on a basic one. To do this, we will have to draw the knife we want to make on a hard, cardboard-type template, always taking into account its two parts, the blade part and the hilt part.

This part is important because the two parts must have the same proportion of steel, so that the knife is balanced.

Once we have drawn the craft knife we want to have, we transfer our template to the steel.

Mould of the knife in the metal plate

Cutting with grinder or radial cutter

Once we have the knife design and we have perfectly drawn the sketch on the steel, we will proceed to cut the steel with great care and patience with the grinder or radial grinder.

In this step, don't worry too much about any steel burrs or imperfect cuts, because later on you will be able to we'll sand it down and see how all those bugs will go away.

Handmade knife already cut

Tempering the steel of our handmade knife

This step is very important for it is here that we will give the strength to the steel of the knife so that it does not break or fracture over time.

For this we would need an industrial oven, but as we don't have one and most of you don't have one, we will use a barbecue, or simply make a hole in the ground and put four bricks as walls, put charcoal and when you have lit it, put the knife in for a considerable time, until it starts to burn. all red.

Tempering knife steel

Once you have it the red-hot knifeYou have two options, either you let it cool down by itself, the steel will not be so hard, or you put it in a can of used oil and let it cool down, here you have to be careful because if the steel is too hot, a flame can come out and burn you, here you decide which method to use.

Steel polishing and sharpening

Here we can polishing our handmade knife with the grinder, using special polishing discs, or we will use a belt sanderWith the latter, the result is much better and the edge of our knife will be better, giving it the shape and sharpness that we want.

Sharpening the craft knife

The hunkers

In order to put the handles on our knife, we must first have given it two or three holes in order to be able to fasten it with a rivets or blind rivet screws (they can be bought anywhere).

In this case we have used a deer antler, but you can use any material you like, as long as it is more or less cylindrical.

Positioning the knife handle

It is cut to size and then cut in two, and so we will have the two handles of our knife, and now we only have to make the same holes that you did to the steel, but to our two handles and then fasten it with rivets.

Finally, a metal part can be fitted between the handle and the blade of the knifebut that is to each person's taste. With all this we will have made our handmade knife, do not worry if it has not come out perfectly, as soon as you make several, you will want to make more and you will see how the following ones will come out more perfected.

More information - How knives are made, Belt sander on Wikipedia

Materials and tools - Radial sander, Belt sander, Drilling machine

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