Order cables with the spirals of the notebooks.


Human ingenuity can do a lot and as proof of this I bring you this video. In 30 seconds it shows us an easy and quick way to do two things, one is to reuse (very important) and the other is to tidying up the cables on our deskYes, those that we have wrapped around our feet every day and give us more than one annoyance at work, in video...

So, you can tell the boss to forget about computer crashes and the comings and goings of the service while restarting the pc, well..., wait, you'd better ignore this article...

1 thought on “Ordenar cables con las espirales de los cuadernos.”

  1. I gathered the famous spirals (in fact I broke a notebook) but it was too much expense (a) and laziness =P, so I use the little metallic threads with plastic that some things come with, I have a collection of these threads, colours and lengths for everything (h)

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