Recover a damaged hard disk.

I am sure that all of you, or the vast majority of you, have been ever crashed a hard diskAnd out of the same helplessness, you have thrown it away directly, without giving it a second chance. But no!!!, never do that, because nowadays it is possible to do so. recover hard disks with faults (the 60% of them).

HDD Regenerator Box

It is very simple, there are two types of failures for hard disks (those of all life, come on), one is the irreversible, which is a physical failure in the disk, either by a blow or by exposure to moisture, and the other is the magnetic errors, produced when a magnetic force influences too much on the disk, making our HDD a little crazy by the change of the data contained. This second type is the one we can easily recover.

The way I am telling you, is thanks to HDD RegeneratorHDD Regenerator, a programme capable of correctly re-magnetising our hard disk, recovering those sectors that were damaged for this reason. As an important point to mention, it is the best awarded programme of these characteristics, as it doesn't matter in which situation the hard disk is in, HDD Regenerator will take care of it, that is to say, this programme doesn't need the hard disk to be previously formatted or in a certain format.

On the official website it costs around 45 euros, but you can buy it on eBay for just over 6 euros.

For those of you who got this news in time, congratulations, you can take out your hard disks from where you had them stored in order to try to repair themAnd for those of you who have already got rid of them, you know what to do next time.

27 thoughts on “Recuperar un disco duro dañado.”

  1. Hello el tema mio es un Seagate barracuda 7200.11 500Gb Sata y con el Hdd regenerator creo que terminará de repararlo en unos…… 2 o 3 meses, necesito una herramienta mas rápida. Sugerencias ??? … Gracias de antemano.

  2. hola amigo mi pc fa formateo y a los 5 o 6 dias cuando la quiero prender como todos los dias me tira pantalla azul y se reinicia me pone como que esta dañado y si la dejo hace el mismo trabajo hasta que prende sola sera el disco dañado lo podre solucionar con eso eeeeeee. muchas gracias y espero tu respuesta

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