Recover a damaged hard disk.

I am sure that all of you, or the vast majority of you, have been ever crashed a hard diskAnd out of the same helplessness, you have thrown it away directly, without giving it a second chance. But no!!!, never do that, because nowadays it is possible to do so. recover hard disks with faults (the 60% of them).

HDD Regenerator Box

It is very simple, there are two types of failures for hard disks (those of all life, come on), one is the irreversible, which is a physical failure in the disk, either by a blow or by exposure to moisture, and the other is the magnetic errors, produced when a magnetic force influences too much on the disk, making our HDD a little crazy by the change of the data contained. This second type is the one we can easily recover.

The way I am telling you, is thanks to HDD RegeneratorHDD Regenerator, a programme capable of correctly re-magnetising our hard disk, recovering those sectors that were damaged for this reason. As an important point to mention, it is the best awarded programme of these characteristics, as it doesn't matter in which situation the hard disk is in, HDD Regenerator will take care of it, that is to say, this programme doesn't need the hard disk to be previously formatted or in a certain format.

On the official website it costs around 45 euros, but you can buy it on eBay for just over 6 euros.

For those of you who got this news in time, congratulations, you can take out your hard disks from where you had them stored in order to try to repair themAnd for those of you who have already got rid of them, you know what to do next time.

27 thoughts on “Recuperar un disco duro dañado.”

  1. Hello, I would not recommend using HDD regenerator (or any other such program), because like other programs, it does not repair the bad sectors of a hard disk, it only relocates them so that these sectors are more likely to spread and further damage the hard disk.

  2. good afternoon, pleasure to greet you, I am from Caracas - Venezuela, make the installation dle HHd Regerator and makes me check the disk, but does nothing more, as it tells me that it is a limited version (Limited), download the Crakeador per I put the name and license that tells me and gives me an error that is incorrect, graciass for the support that eme can provide, greetings.

  3. it already works, it is that the keygen must be run as administrator in windows 7 to rule well.

    1. how to do that? sorry... but i am a newbie at this, and i lost my external hard disk... please help me.

  4. Hello! My hard disk has a mechanical problem because it makes a strange noise at the read head and after a short time it stops spinning, and also the computer does not detect it, is it possible to recover the data from the hard disk with this programme?

    1. Alberto Navarro

      If the computer does not detect it, it is impossible, if you dare, open it and we can guide you through our forum.

    2. That such Nuka, to your hard disk a series of tests can be done to him to recover the information, since the can be the mechanical part, or the electronic part, which can be changed, can be the sectors what does that the PC does not recognize it I manage to recover data with a livecd of ubuntu since here if I detected it and I mount it to the force and it worked.

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