Repair a computer monitor for less than 1€.

Every time I see a video of this kind I am shocked and horrified by the amount of still usable and, with little money, repairable devices that we throw away every day. In this example we see that with little less than 1€ we can repair a monitor which in its day could have cost the 200.

All we will need to make this repair, will be a soldering iron (Buy it on Amazon), tin (Buy it on Amazon) and a screwdriver that can be used to make the repair. we can borrow if we are going to carry out a single repair, and capacitors of the same values as those that have broken down, as well as a lot of desire to fight against consumerism and for the environment. If you don't know how to solder and desolder, we recommend you to read the article we wrote some time ago for this purpose.

From we always encourage that if we can, we repair our devices before throwing them away to buy another one, the life of the devices can determine the life we spend on Earth.

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  1. Thanks friend I think that here in mexico that information would have cost me a lot to get it what I said there are races that create the culture and others that preserve it really thanks.

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