Repair the 3 red lights on your Xbox 360 for good

For several months now, I have been working in my spare time on repairing the problems of the well-known 3 red lights on the Xbox 360I decided to record the process in one of them so that you all know how I do it so that they never come out again. All over the Internet there are many tutorials explaining this, but I can say from experience that with these consoles, to give an excellent and lasting result, it is not enough with just one trick.

Basically what happens to this console to make it so problematic is excessive heat, resulting in the following:

  • First of all, the welds soften and stop making contact, leading to a multitude of errors, all of which are grouped into the typical 3 red lights.
  • Secondly, and also as a consequence of very defective materials, the base plate of the device arches and causes some components to no longer make good contact, again causing the 3 red lights.

Repair the 3 red lights

In the video at the top of this post we have the whole process of repairing the console, which includes:

  • Dismantle the Xbox 360 completely and clean all its components, thus making the air circulation much smoother.
  • Reheat all components so that they make proper contact again.
  • Restore the thermal paste that makes the processors (both CPU and GPU), dissipate heat to the heatsinks themselves, as over time it ceases to be fully effective.
  • Improving anchorages of the heatsinks so that the heatsinks are better secured.
  • Open a new air duct at the front of the air circuit and place an extra fanThe efficiency of these parts is multiplied.
  • Apply the hack that makes the fans always run at 12v (faster), causing the console to draw much more heat from the inside right from the start.
  • Subject the console to several hours of play to verify that it does not fail.


  • 7cm side fan, 12v.
  • Fan grille.
  • x2 syringes of thermal paste.
  • x8 washers of 6mm internal diameter and 10mm external diameter.
  • x2 screws of 3mm diameter and 30mm long.
  • x2 nuts 3mm diameter.
  • x4 washers of 3mm internal diameter and 7mm external diameter.

Caution with our Xbox 360

Obviously, because Xbox 360s are very delicate consoles, we will need to maintain some basic precautions during use after they have been repaired:

  • Avoid placing it in enclosed spacesthat do not have good cooling or that concentrate heat from other devices.
  • Under no circumstances plug the air ducts. The top fan, the two rear fans and both sides of the console keep the inside of the console ventilated.
  • Do not use it in very hot daysThe air that enters it to cool the components is not going to be cool.
  • Too many hours of continuous play can cause it to break down again. My recommendation is that for every 45 minutes of gameplay, let the console rest for 15 minutes..
  • Set the console to rigid surfacesAvoid at all costs cushions, sofas or beds as they generate heat concentration. To check that it is correctly positioned, just look to see if the four rubber feet on the bottom of the console are the only ones that are in contact.
  • Install the games on your hard disk, it will prevent excessive use of the reader.
  • Avoid moving the console when it is hot, i.e. just after use. The solder joints could be hot and a bump could dislodge a component.

More information - How to disassemble an Xbox 360, YouTube channel, Xbox 360 3 Red Light Database

36 thoughts on “Reparar las 3 luces rojas en tu Xbox 360 definitivamente”

  1. hello good morning my problem is my exbox projects the black and white image i have already changed audio video cables i need to test the single cable input sorry i don't know technical names

  2. Marco antono

    Hello I have a problem with my xbox the problem is that I turn on my xbox but it doesn't start on the TV HELP ANYONE KNOW WHY?

  3. Guillermo Quiros

    Good afternoon I read your comments on the red lights I find it very interesting I tell you at the moment I am unemployed and my son asks me to buy him an xbox 360 but they are expensive it turns out that a person sells an xbox 360 in 10 thousand but it has that problem of the red lights that you recommend I buy it or not it says that it is worth 40 the arrangement that you tell me thank you

    1. Amigo Guillermo I am about to buy an xbox with that problem. That it is worth 40 thousand the fix is false. Of course if the xbox has only the 3 lights problem it is due to overheating of its internal components. They charge you for it at most another 10k but only if that's the only problem. I will buy one and work on it myself and try to fix it 10, 20 or 100 times until I get it fixed.

  4. Good evening, I had 3lr error 0022 and I have applied your video tuto, which I found quite good, the problem is that after a first attempt followed the red lights, after a second attempt, the red lights were no longer on and I began to assemble the console, each step of the assembly tested and in one of them (before I did not look) I realized that the green light stayed on and the image is black on screen. to give you more data tell you that you have installed the x360key and a kit to improve the xclamps. I had never had the 3LR and I think they came out for moving the console after playing. I await your advice

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