Replace old guitar strings very easily

If you have been broken guitar string or you simply want to change all of them because they are too old, with the video above you will have it very clear. Here are the materials and procedures:


- New strings. (Buy it on Amazon)

- Mop or cloth.

- Scissors.

- Stringer. (Buy it on eBay) Optional

- Physical tuner (Buy it on Amazon) or software tuner. (Download) Optional


1- First of all we will have to removing old ropesTo do this, we "detune" it completely until we can unhook it from the pegs. To do this we can use a stringer or do it by hand, although it will take much longer.

2- When all the strings we want to change have been removed, we start with the bridge couplingsSimply undo the knot and remove it completely.

3- Then, with a dry mop, we clean the whole instrument from dust and possible rust from use.

4- We start to place the strings, so we hook the first string to the bridge. tying a knot as you can see in the video, and then we also hook it into its corresponding pegbox. The we tighten with the help of the stringer just enough so that it does not get in the way when placing the other ropes.

Note: The 1st and 6th strings are wound from the inside out, so as not to disturb the other strings, and the rest of the strings are wound the other way round.

5- We cut the centimetre of rope We then refine it.

We will have our guitar back in good shape, now we just have to enjoy playing it.

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