Special: How to make a blog in Wordpress 3 (Maintenance).

Special: How to make a blog in Wordpress 3 (Maintenance). 1

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Lately I've been very busy with my job and the exam I'm preparing for, but as you can see, I'm finding time wherever I can to continue with the blog. Recapping a little, we left this special in the total creation of the blog in a technical way, and in this last point of the tutorial, we will see many tricks and steps to follow to keep our blog already created, and take it to the top.


In this last part of the tutorial we will play a bit with the "art" that each one of you has to give it your own touches and take the blog in the way that each one of you wants and likes. More than ever you have to take into account that there are many details that I can miss, so I ask you to you can help with your great contributionsto make this tutorial the starting point for many people.

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- (M) Maintenance:

Intermediate note: Before starting, I would like to say that a blog is maintained with desire and effort, if you don't like it and it doesn't call your attention to blogging, it's better that you don't even try, as you will be wasting valuable time.

This is the fire point for all those of you who have failed in something, because everything you did wrong, you will notice it now, hopefully not many things. To start with, we are going to look at some very good planning tips to write in an orderly fashion and get into a routine so that we never get caught out by the bull with the content filling:

- Plan a routine.

- Practice discipline.

- Define themes per month.

- Putting ideas into practice.

- One idea per day.

You can see it in more detail at the source.

The more you can be seen, the better, so you know, register your blog anywhere that you see along the way, such as Bitacoras, DMOZ, Yahoo and many more, it depends on what you are moving. Always remember that the more visits you have, the better your blog is. The more commenters, references from other good blogs and quality visits (not from search engines) you have, the better your blog will be, and the better it will be valued by your readers. It is better to quality rather than quantity is another motto that you have to keep in mind in your head so that you never get carried away with your blog "obligations" and don't get carried away by the desire of the visitors' crowd by writing junk posts made for search engines. In the long run, the quality writingends up paying off much more than having thousands of hits from search engines every day, due to mediocre writing throughout the life of a blog.

Participate, participate and participate. Let people get to know you as a person, not as a blog, let them say ... "olle, I have entered Alberto Navarro's blog, yes, the one about inventillos, and I loved it"....

You have a thousand ways to participate, sign up on Twitter, FacebookYou can write for other blogs, send your best articles to other blogs, participate in forums on your subject (ForoBloggers, ForoBETA and ConexionBlogger), come on, wander around the blogosphere y meet people of other blogs to make friends and exchange knowledge and experience. You will have read it a thousand times, comment on other blogsIt is one of the best ways to socialise with other bloggers and readers, who may come to your blog, like it and subscribe to your RSS and then publish one of your articles on their blogs. The best way not to leave it aside is to take advantage of it when you read your feedsWhat I do, when an article interests me and I stop to read it, then I enter the blog to comment, so I kill two birds with one stone, I read my endless list of pending news, and I let people know about my blog. Something that looks very bad as a comment is, "very good!!!", o, "I loved it!!!" and things like that that make it clear that you commented without having read the article with the simple aim of publicising your blog; as I say, you have to be discrete and know how to how, when and where to say ithehe.

There is also the "merchant" way to make your blog known, it may not seem like it, but it is very shocking for future readers to be constantly seeing references of yours all over the blogosphere, it gives some "standing" to your blog. So you know, exchange banners, links, reviews and everything that comes to your mind, if you also have enough funds, you can do the same, but buying, so you do not fill the blog with links to other sites; it goes without saying that all these operations are best with blogs and websites on the same subject.

Something that readers also love is the novelties and unexpected things. You can prepare from time to time competitions o initiatives to give the blog a bit of play and not make it monotonous, celebrate the special days and moments of the blog with luxury goods. Change blog details Without any fear, as I said before, a blog is constantly improving and adapting, besides, this will make the readers not to get tired of seeing always the same thing. A good recommendation is to change every 2 years the complete look and feel of the blog (theme, structure, etc...), so as not to blind readers.

Try to make the majority of your articles are original and own (you'll grow a lot faster), but if finding content is a problem for you, don't worry, by simply looking for blogs you like on your subject, subscribing to their RSS feeds and mentioning their best articles, you'll fill in those low inspiration gaps. Use Google alerts to find info (don't forget to link to the source) in their database and lastly and as a last resort, hire someone to write for you at times when you won't be available or simply when you don't feel like it.

The economic and advertising issue is a delicate one, treat it with tongs so as not to upset your readers, optimise your advertising to get more out of it and make it less annoying, sell links, banners and reviews or, if your subject matter is appropriate and your blog is good enough, find a sponsor who will pay you for hosting advertising of any kind, that's already an agreement with that company.

As a final detail, and one that we have discussed in previous articles, it is accommodationWe have to maintain a server that ensures that we do not have crashes and that can withstand the thousands of visits that we may have. For example, use the servers of WPMU DEV because they are a company you can count on and because they provide a great service with unbeatable quality.

This is the end of my tips for keeping a blog in the best conditions, I know that many things are missing, I do it this way, so that you can actively collaborate and give your grain of sand to this super special WordPress tutorial, greetings and remember, you have to have a lot of patience, if there is desire, success is assured.

If you want this complete manual to make a WordPress blog, in PDF, download it here.

They contribute to this tutorial: Alberto Navarro, Liliana, ...

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Special: How to make a blog in Wordpress 3 (Maintenance). 1

The Best WordPress Hosting

After many years of using and jumping from hosting to hosting, we have finally found the best one, and we want to share it with you.

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