Special: How to make a blog in Wordpress 1 (Planning)

Special: How to make a blog in Wordpress 1 (Planning) 1

The Best WordPress Hosting

After many years of using and jumping from hosting to hosting, we have finally found the best one, and we want to share it with you.

Since I started the blog (in October 2008), I have written down in my pending articles to make this entry, but I never dared to do it until I was sure I was going to do it right. Well, since we are here, let's start, first of all, let's say that this tutorial to make a wordpress blogis aimed at all those who want to do it on their own hosting, that is to say, with wordpress.orgnot with wordpress.com. So we could divide this tutorial in three parts (P-C-M)the Planningthe Creation and the Maintenance. To give you an idea of what I will show you in each of the parts, I will explain:

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- Firstly, the planning (P) of a web project is one of the most delicate aspects that we can find, since the number of unforeseen events that we have in the second (Creation) and third phase (Maintenance) of the web project will depend on it, and it will be in which we decide the short and long term future of, for example the theme that we will give to our blog, whether or not we will include advertising from the start or the name and domain that we will give to it. A very good example of planning is the Todo Wordpress community, and a bad one, this bloghehe.

- The second of the issues to be addressed is the creation (C) of the blog itself, where we will decide what theme we are going to put on our blog, the plugins we will use or what type of permalinks we are going to use. In this part of our tutorial we will go into more detail on technical aspects that we must take into account to avoid making mistakes that will cost us more than a headache in point three (Maintenance). A good example of this can be the blog of a blog network, such as Entre Blogs (mainly because of the human team behind it).

- The last point to be addressed is the maintenance (M)Although it may seem the easiest, it can have some touches of the point of creation, since a blog is always in a phase of growth and modifications. Basically, what we will see in this episode, will be the way to not get bored of our blog, not to despair with the statistics and know how to make the right changes at the right time. Also keep in mind that the more we fail in the first two parts of this tutorial, the more this last one will suffer. Another good example of this point can be large blogs, such as Microsiervos.

After this brief explanation of the three sections of the tutorial, we can start with the first one.

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- (P) Planning:

As I said before, this is the most important point to take into account, as the amount of problems we will have in the rest of the tutorial will depend on it. First of all, take a good notebook and a pen (essential for this task), and divide the notebook into four parts: passwords, problems to solve, ideas and dirty area (these are the ones I use, but you can take them as you like).

Within our planning we have to decide on a few factors:

The theme of our blogAt this point I would recommend that you choose a topic that you really like, as this way you have less chance of getting bored and creating better content, however, if you want to make money, I recommend that you take a look at the topics that are best paid by Adsense and the general public.

  1. ContactsKeywords: girls/boys, social networking
  2. Entertainment: leisure, jokes and pranks
  3. Entertainment: celebrities, cinema, gossip
  4. Games: video gamestricks, downloads, consoles
  5. Music: news, mp3, songs, lyrics
  6. News: local and international
  7. Sports: analysis, trends, calendars
  8. Technology: Free software, gadgets
  9. Sex: adult themes
  10. EmploymentJob supply and demand

The blog name and domain nameYou have to be very clear about this aspect, because when you choose it, you will not be able to change it without major repercussions. Of course, it has to be related to the theme, for example, if your theme is aeroplanes, don't name it barcos.com. My main recommendation is to make a list of all the names you like, and then try them out at a domain registrar like GoDaddy.com, which is very well known everywhere. For the termination, I recommend you the .com, since people already have them associated to the internet and it will generate more direct visits.

AccommodationAnother important factor is the quality of the hosting where our blog will be. Mainly you have to look at the experience of the rest since at first you will not need very powerful servers. My personal recommendation is WPMU DEV They have very good prices and the plan they offer is very good, both in power and performance, I use it myself on a daily basis.

Special: How to make a blog in Wordpress 1 (Planning) 1

The Best WordPress Hosting

After many years of using and jumping from hosting to hosting, we have finally found the best one, and we want to share it with you.

AdvertisingIn this case, the advertising that we put on our blog will help us to make it profitable and pay the costs of the domain and hosting, many people will tell us to wait to have a minimum number of visits to start putting advertising as this can annoy our users, but I think there is no problem as long as we put advertising only for visits from search engines, that depends on our taste and expectations.

The designA fundamental part of the planning of a blog is the air we want to give it depending on the theme of the same, for this, in WordPress there are themes or themes to customize them. You can take a look at the official theme page for WordPress or the unofficial WordPress themes in Spanish and choose the one you like the most. Regarding the logo or logo of the blog, the best way is that you do it with a graphic design program like Photoshop or GIMP, but if you do not know how to use them, you can always opt for online tools very easy to use or get inspired by the thousands of sample logos at this website.

The sourcesEvery blog must have some sources of information, and for this we must familiarise ourselves with the environment in which we are going to move with our blog. What better way than to sign up to the feeds of blogs or pages that we want to have on hand for any unforeseen event or simply to get ideas (forget the copy & paste, in the blogosphere is not well seen and does not give good results with respect to positioning). A good feed reader is Google Reader, and if you don't know what that term means, take a look at its definition. The How To feed is thisIf you want to join us, please do so.

The MetasTagsIn order to achieve this, everything related to the goals are the words and definitions that we will use so that the search engines know what our blog is about, and consequently, position it better for them (this art is called SEO). We must choose them very well from the beginning to make the most of the search engine promotion race. As an example, I'll give you those of Como Hacer, so that you can see how they should be:

Title: How To - Tutorials, Courses and Videos for making inventions.

Meta keywords: how to, curious inventions, courses and tutorials, training video.

Meta description: Blog to know how to make curious inventions with, courses and tutorials, training video and many more things to have fun every day.

If we analyse a little, we will see that over and over again the keywords are repeated in the title and description, this is essential to highlight well to search engines what we want them to see. It goes without saying that in the content we must also repeat these keywords over and over again, as long as they are natural. In Trazos Web there is a very good article with many SEO tools that can help you. In each article we will also have to choose them individually, but we will see that later.

DatesIf you want to be much neater when it comes to planning, another point to take into account are the dates of events, that is, moments in the life of the blog that will make it stand out from the rest, for example, if we want to set up a forum to accompany the blog, we will have to determine when we have to launch it and under what conditions. All this can also be transferred to competitions, celebrations of blog anniversaries and many other things that you can think of to give hype to your blog, which after all is what it is all about.

When all these terms have been chosen and are clear, it is time to move on to the next point in this extensive tutorial on how to make a WordPress blogthe one of creation.

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