Special: How to make a metal detector II

Metal detector dish

In this second instalment of our first special invention, we are going to teach you how to make the plateThe purpose of which is none other than the metal detection itselfwill be the point of interaction with the ground.

2- The Dish

2.1- Materials

Materials for making a metal detector

  • Plywood (0.5m x 0.5m) of a thickness of about 3 millimetres.
  • 5 metres of 0.5 millimetre coil, which we have in our materials pack for this project.
  • 10A plug, 10 amps are not going to pass through there, just that size of plug is the best way to get a 10A plug. more comfortable to work with.
  • The cable is about 3 metres long with a cross-section of 2.5 mm, with two wires, and its dimensions are also comfortable.
  • Metal bracket for attaching the plate to the pole.
  • Plastic bag (from your favourite supermarket), its function is to protect the plate from scratches, it is optional and does not influence the detection.

2.2- Assembly

  • First of all, we are going to start making the sandwich that will physically form the plate, we will have to cut three perfect circles (perfect so that the detection does not suffer any interference). Two of these circles will have a diameter of 16cm (these will be the outer ones) and the other 15cm diameter (this is the one that will go in the middle of the other two).


  • When we have them cut, we make some notches on the surfaces that will be glued, this way we will get a better adherence. Then we glue them with wood glue, taking care that it is well centred and without any grooves in the interior joints. The result will be very similar to this one:

Plate glued

  • The next point, which is quite important for the quality of the detector, is to wind the coil onto the coil. To do this, we will make two holes (1 in the picture) on the edge of the top layer (the entrance and exit of the coil wire).
  • We will place the splice piece (2 in the image (screwed to the wood of course) next to them, trying to match them in parallel so as not to force the threads. Then, we will place one of the tips through one of the two holes previously made and into the splice piece, we will go round the plate ten timesThe other end of the plug is put through the other hole and then plugged into the other terminal of the connector. For you to see it better I show you this image:

Metal detector dish

  • You can put silicone to protect the air on the spool wire, even the whole edge of the coil (this will not affect the detection). the joint between the plate and the poleThe only thing you will have to take into account is that the metal support (3 in the image) is right in the centre (this way it will be more comfortable when opening and closing it).
  • From here we would plug the 3 metre cable into the other two terminals of the splice plug and run it up to the other end of the pole in a spiral around the pole. At this point I recommend testing for continuity with a multimeter in ohmmeter position at the ends of the cable. The cable must be checked for cable breaks or bad connections in the entire cable-coil circuit.

With this we will have finished the plate of our metal detector, cooler than an eight, in the next post of the detector, we will get down to work with the box, where we will have more work, of course, any questions in the forum.

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  1. Juan Manuel bustos

    Hello, I have tried to make the coils and they don't work, could you explain to me how to make them?

  2. hello an am radio works as a box or is it too weak? can someone please explain to me and if i can change any component of the am to make it more powerful?


    what happens if i make the coil of my homemade metal detector with more turns of copper? do i get better sensitivity?

  4. the complete tutorial that you upload in the video I think you have uploaded it with megaupload?? because it doesn't let you open!!! is there a way to upload it with another manager??? this excellent work?? today I want to start building it

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