Strobe light with Xenon lamp

Those of you who like parties and discotheques will know what a party is like. strobe lampFor those who don't, a strobe lamp is a lamp that fires a blinding flash at a certain, usually variable, rate. You could always buy one on Amazon and save yourself the trouble, but it would lose the fun.

Finished strobe lamp.

Today we are going to learn how to make one, for which we will need:

- 1 resistor of 1kΩ of 10w (R1).

- 1 potentiometer of 500kΩ or 1MΩ (R2).

- 1 resistor of 56kΩ of 1/2W to 5% (R3).

- 1 electrolytic capacitor 4.7µF 150V (C1).

- 1 electrolytic capacitor 22µF 250V (C2).

- 1 polyester capacitor 0,47µF 250V (C3).

- 2 diodes 1N4004 (D1 and D2).

- 1 thyristor C106B1 (SCR1).

- 1 NE-2 (I1) neon lamp.

- 1 xenon flashing tube (I2).

- 1 4kV trip transformer (T1).

- 1 single-position switch (S1).

- 1 cable for a standard socket (P1).

As you can see from the materials needed, it will be a totally electronic project, so those unfamiliar with it should abstain, or take the plunge, why not?

First let's look at a block diagram to make everything clearer and easier to understand:

Block diagram of strobe light.

The more astute of you will have seen that the circuit is set up to work at 115v, but don't worry because we simply have to change the input resistor for one of 2k2Ω instead of 1kΩ. We can take advantage of this to make a switch to change between 220v and 115v, simply put two 1kΩ resistors in series and place a switch.

Below, we can see how the circuit will be assembled:

Strobe lamp circuit.

If we want to have it for use, and not just for experimentation, we can make a box for it, here are two models:

Strobe light box.

Strobe lamp housing.

After this we will have our strobe light finished and ready to be enjoyed at our parties, and if you find it too complicated, on Amazon there are some at a good price, but not as much fun ;D

More information on the Pablin website.

4 thoughts on “Luz estroboscópica con lámpara Xenón”

  1. pedro viza hernandez

    I don't know electronics but I would like to know what changes I have to make to make it work at 12v. I belong to the national emergency commission and I would like to use it in an orange bubble shell, as it flashes very well, and on the road it would be very useful to emit an emergency signal.
    thank you

  2. Fabian-ricardo-hr

    I don't understand how to connect the trigger transformer if it only has three pins? 

    1. The transformer on the side with one leg you connect to the external resistor that wraps around the tube.
      On the other side, one of the legs is connected to one of the legs of the stroblaight tube and this in turn is connected with another cable to the power suplay.
      The other leg of the transformer is connected directly to the power supply.
      I hope it has helped you how to connect the trigger transformer.

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