Tips for the handyman at home.

I'm always putting inventions and tidbits for makebut I never stopped to think about the consejos that can be given and taken to save a little with our little inventions and not to be taken for a ride. It occurred to me to include these types of posts after a couple of them I saw on a blog I read regularly from my feeds, so, from now on, these types of post-advice will be part of the regular writing of this blog, I hope you like them, here are the first two:

Roll of sandpaper

Save on the purchase of DIY materials.

  • Buy products from "white labels". (yes, they are also available in DIY centres); they are usually as good as almost all the others (with exceptions, of course).
  • Make your own mixes: powdered anilines mixed with water or alcohol to make stains (instead of the ones sold ready-made); wood fillers made of glue and sawdust, varnishes mixed with oil colours to colour them...
  • Buy in bulk, especially of certain materials (solvents, for example, are dangerous to accumulate): sandpaper in rolls (much cheaper than in sheets), steel wool by the metre or in large rolls...
  • Inge your own resources: For example, don't buy sandpaper cut and prepared for sanding machines; buy it on a roll and cut it to size. And if they have velcro, fasten them with double-sided tape.
  • Buy the material at paint or timber warehouses: are much cheaper than DIY centres. Professionals know this...
  • Find other fans and half-purchase larger quantities; it is much cheaper.

Tips for buying tools.

  • When buying electrical machinery, always buy items from well-known and prestigious brands and, above all, make sure that the after-sales service is not far from your home.
  • Always check the warranty period and what is included. It is also important to look at the power; don't buy the least powerful and cheapest tool, it is better to opt for a average price.
  • The hand tools must also be good; forget about one-euro shops and the like. A good option is to look for advertisements from carpentry shops and the like that sell their material by closing down; good quality used (hand) tools are often just as good as new ones.

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