Tips on how to save a waterlogged mobile phone.

Wet mobile

Some time ago we wrote about how to revive a wet mobile phone, and this time we will talk about the same thing but with a different method.

Electronics are not and never will be H2O's friend. And they are the mobile phonesThe small, so small and so prone to fall down everywhere, are the ones who stand to lose.

Few people today can say with certainty that they have not lost it because they had a close encounter with water. Whether in the bath, the sea, the swimming pool, the washing machine or any other place with plenty of liquid.

Now, thanks to this small collectionI bring you some tips on how to try to saving the precious mobile.

  1. Do not despair. There is always a solution and it is not the end of the world.
  2. The first and foremost thing to do, and the sooner the better, is to remove the appliance from the water and NO try to turn it on or use it. That could cause a short circuit and bye-bye.
  3. Remove the battery and SIM card (if present). Dry with absorbent paper.
  4. Remove accessories and/or casing. Dry with absorbent paper.
  5. Store the appliance in an airtight bag or container with something that absorbs moisture. This can be uncooked rice or moisture-absorbing pellets. Leave it for two to three days.
  6. Finally assemble and test it. If it doesn't work, try a new battery or go to a service centre.

NOTE: Do not use a hairdryer with this method, as it can introduce more water into the parts that are still dry.

3 thoughts on “Consejos para salvar un móvil pasado por agua.”

  1. I agree with the idea of using the dryer. And if you take the phone apart to dry it, all the better to try to dry the innermost parts.

  2. I liked this post, very simple and easy... Luckily I have never dropped my phone in the water... Pere I will keep these tips in mind in case it ever happens to me 🙂

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