Do you have a Twitter account, easily earn money with it?

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Making money with Twitter

A few days ago, we were informed of the appearance of Twync of the same creators of Zyncthe system of sponsored articles. Twync consists of the pay for posts on your Twitter accountsThis makes our participation in this social network profitable. When registering an account, the data requested are very few, we are only asked to authenticate ourselves with the Twitter account in question, and then the price we ask for each tweet (the recommended automatic pricing by Twync) and the minimum price to receive markets.

We are given a choice of many categories in order to theme our account as much as possible and make it easier for advertisers to choose. The system is not automatic, that is, when you accept a tweet, the system does not publish it for you, but warns you and waits for you to publish it on your own, which is a very good measure so as not to bother our followers too much.

Otherwise, it is quite intuitive and simple to use, with our earnings data and associated accounts, totally for all audiences. If you have a Twitter account and you want to make money with itTwync is for you.

More on earning money: | Ziddu | | Ziddu

2 thoughts on “¿Tienes una cuenta de Twitter?, gana dinero con ella fácilmente”

  1. Ah, very interesting.
    Anything that makes websites more profitable is welcome.
    I'm going to try it on my twitter account

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